Moules frites

Mussels with garlic, chili and herbs, pommes frites and aioli
Allergen: B, E, SI, Si


Gratinated clipfish

Crispy bacon, butter-steamed leaks, carrot cream, mashed potatoes with spinach
Allergen: F, G, M
Kr. 395,-


Catch of the day

Ask your waiter about catch of the day.

Allergen: F, M, Sk

Kr. 385,-


Cataplana ( Min. 2 pers)

Today`s catch from fish and shellfish

Allergen: F, B, Sk, M

Kr. 405,- per person


Surf & Turf

Beef, grilled crayfish, pepper sauce, baked potatoes with cheese salad
Allergen: Sk, M,G, E, Su, F

Kr. 410,-




M=Milk, Sk=Shellfish, E=Egg, Si=Citrus, G=Gluten, B=Molluscs, F=Fish, Su=Sulphite, S=Soy, N=Nuts, Se=Mustard, Sl=Celery

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