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Menu 1



Fermented celeriac, lentil caviar and hazelnuts

Allergens: hazelnuts, fish, molluscs and lactose


Salted Cod Gratin

Bacon, leek, carrot and swedepuré

Allergens: Fish, onion, gluten and lactose


Creme brulée

Allergens: Egg and laktose



Menu 2


Lobster soup

Puff pastry

Allergen: Shellfish, egg, gluten and lactose


Roasted monkfish

Pumpkin, salsify, cep and brown butter

 Allergen: Milk, fish sulphite, citrus, celery


Chocolate mousse

White and dark chocolate mousse
raspberry sorbet and mascarpone

Allergen: Egg, wheat, milk and almonds 

680 NOK



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