About us

Sjøbua was originally established in 1987 by Ove Fjørtoft from Ålesund. He was convinced that the fishing town of Ålesund possessed the world's best conditions for creating a fish restaurant of international standard and distinction.

Fish and shellfish were delivered by local fishermen from Ålesund and the surrounding areas. – It can’t possibly be fresher and better, he said, and made a success that was featured in country after country.

 The Manager Hege Breivik Farstad and the Head Chef Tiago Lopes are responsible for the daily management and smooth running. 

They agree on how to develop and take Sjøbua further. - People want to enjoy good food and good service, says Hege. – Then they will  return, while recommending us to friends, family and acquaintances. The menu gives a delicious selection of choices, without being overwhelming. Quality is more important than quantity.

To Head Chef, simplicity is a mantra in cooking: - We have the best fish and shellfish. While here with us, we want our guests to taste the character and the quality of the ingredients. Emphasizing these qualities within our dishes is my main task. I love tempting guests into trying something new. Hake, turbot and plaice are just three of the many wonderful seafood delicacies we offer that more people should experience and enjoy.


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