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Menu 1

Forrett: Fish soup

Julienne vegetables, fish, and mussels

Allergen: Fish, Shellfish, molluscs, onions, and lactose

Hovedrett: Gratinated salted and dried cod

bacon, carrot- and kohlrabi purée

Allergen: Gluten, egg, and lactose

Dessert: Creme brulée

with raspberrysorbet

Allergen: Egg and lactose




Menu 2

Forrett: Lobster Soup

Allergen: Shellfish, egg, lactose, and gluten


Hovedrett: Roasted Monkfish

Pommes Anna, parmesan, celeriac purèe, and thymesauce

Allergen: Fish, onion, lactose, and gluten


Dessert: Glazed chocolatemousse and hazelnut

Allergen: Lactose, gluten, hazelnuts and egg



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